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Custom Web Development

Our focus is to create dynamic & scalable web applications with simple yet artistic user experiences. This process involves you constantly, ensuring your requirements are satisfied.

Due to the diverse nature of custom web development, we can only quote based on your requirements. Contact us for a personal quote.


Your voice deserves to be heard.

Through the use of Ghost, we manage beautifully simple blogs. Contact us at sales@katakwe.co.za if you'd like a blog.

Business Analysis

Our analysis aims to provide an end-to-end solution that enables your business to thrive in the information age, making intelligent usage of available data.

Don't settle with your business just surviving. Allow for growth by optimising your business processes - increasing efficiency and saving money.

Contact us for a personal quote based on the scale, complexity and timeline of your project.


Brand your business or personal identity with logo creation and content strategy. Increase your online presence with our blog and website packages.

Contact us for a personal quote based on number of logo ideas and size of content strategy, or organise a one-on-one meeting with on of our consultants.

create; inspire

Business Analysis

optimise your business


ingrain your digital footprint


make your brand known

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us. Our objective is to create an immersive, award-winning digital world that South Africa has yet to experience. In the mean time, read about our projects in our Katakwe blog posts >>